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1.       What will most likely happen if a satellite  elevation become very small?  A. communication through satellite will likely become difficult or impossible to estabilish.

2.       What is the fundamental concept of the GMDSS?  A. It is intended to automate and improve emergency communication in the maritime industry

3.       Which of the following statements concerning SARTs is false….? a. Once it has been placed in the “ON” position, a SART will begin transmitting immediately upon detecting what itnis in the water.

4.       What is the proper procedure to be followed upon receipt of a distress alert transmitted by use of Didital Selective  Calling Technique?  d. Set watch on the Radio Telephone Distress and Safety frequency associated with the distress and safety calling frequency on which the distress alert was received.

5.       Which statement is the True regarding the COSPAS – SARSAT system?  a. EPIRBs are used as satellite beacons aboard vessels as alerting devices   b. Signal received by the Low Altitude near polar Orbit satellite are relayed to a ground receiving station, Caled a Local User Terminal.   c. Dropler shift is used to locate the beacons.  d. All of this

6.       GMDSS equipped vessels must maintain a continuous DSC watch on 2187,5 kHz.: a. At all time when underway

7.       DSC used primarily to: a. Transmit and receive distress and safety alert from other ships and shore station via radio

8.       Which statement is correct? A. FEC mode broadcasts can be received without the transmitter being turned on.  B. FEC requests are acknowledged by the vessels  transmitter before broadcasts ca be received.  C. Weather broadcasts are always made in ARQ  mode  d. None Of This

9.       The sea area of you in is determined by: a. the type of Coast Station you are in communication range of.. b. The vessel’s distance from shore.  C. The type of maintenance available to your vessel.. d. None of theme

10.   How can a SART’s effective range be maximized? A. The SART should be held as high as possible.

11.   What signal is used to allow a scanning receiver to stop and detect in MF or HF DSC Distress message… ? 200 Bit 100 baud dot pattern is received

12.   If a GMDSS radio operator in initiates a DSC Distress transmision but those not insert a message what happen..? The transmision will be made with default information provided automically

13.   What causes the SART to begin a transmision? B. After being activated either manually or automatically, the SART responds to radar integration.

14.   Which of the following statements concerning INMARSAT is true? A. The system relies upon a highly directional signal that is transmitted to the satellite.   B. Shipboard Obstructions can cause shadowing to both inbound and outbound satellite signals.   C. Telex communications may be possible when voice call may be impossible.    D. All of the above.

15.   Which statement is FALSE regarding a Distress request?   A. Any distress request is automatically switched to an INMARSAT distress working frequency

16.   Which of the following statements concerning COSPAS – SARSAT is true?  A. EPIRBs are units that are used as alerting device.  B. These are satellites in a low-earth polar Orbit that detec EPIRB  beacons on 406 MHz and relay the information to an earth-side Local User Terminal (LUT).   C. All of the above

17.   What means is used to avoid mutual interference by station in the navitec system? .. d.Transmission by station in each NAVAREA are arranged in time-sharing basis

18.   What statement is true  regarding the exchange between to parties enganged in NBDP communication?.. ARO, the sending station transmit a block of three characters and the receiving station responds with either a One Character acknowledgement of the receive of a valid block or a negative acknowledgement indicating that the block should be resend following this the transmiting station will send a new block or re-transmit the previous  block as required

19.   Which of the following statements concerning distress alert is true?  D. Information contained in a distress alert includes the name and position of the distressed vessel, and may include additional information such as the

20.   Which the following statement concerning locating signal in the GMDSS is False..? Locating signal are transmitted by survival craft VHF transreceivers

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