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1.       Put a suitable message marker of the IMO SMCP in the Blank space….? Can you proceed without assistance? c. Question.

2.       A list of the vessels crew showing the duties in a Distress is….? d. Muster list

3.       Put a suitable message marker of the IMO standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP) in the blank space….?, I Intend to reduce speed, new speed is 5 knot… ? a. information

4.       According to the IMO standard Marine Comunication Phrases (SMCP) when a message is not properly heard, Say: d. Repeat again Please.

5.       In checking the readability of signal reception use the phrase: d. How do you read me?

6.       How many message Marker are in the IMO SMCP….? a. 8 Message Marker

7.       What does MRCC stand for? C. Maritim Rescue Coordination Centre

8.       During exchange of message, a Ship Should invite a reply by saying…. ? d. Over

9.       Look at the message and decide whether distress, Urgency Or Safety procedure should be used collision with unknown Object and the ship is sinking, 4 person on the board are abandoning to liferaft require immediate assistance? C. Distress

10.   In the International Phonetic Alphabet, the letter M, R, C, C represented by the word? B. Mike, Romeo, Charly, Charly

11.   How is the tune of my transmission? D. The tune of your Transmision is Good.

12.   Use the ……. For isolated latter, group of letter, to spell out a word or where Communication is difficult..? a. International Phonetic Alphabet.

13.   Is the Vessel SEA WORTHY? a. No, the vessel is not sea worthy, the vessel must be repaired and re-inspected

14.   Put a suitable message Marker of the IMO SMCP in the blank space….? You must heave up anchor..: a. Instruction

15.   The marine is altering course to staboard. What does altering word mean? B. changing

16.   If Someone falls overboard the immediate action should….? C. Immediately throw the nearest lifebuoy overboard.

17.   Put a suitable message Marker of the IMO SMCP in the blank space… Advice you alter course to starboard side? d. Warning

18.   What does urgency signal mean? b. The calling station has s very urgent message to transmit concerning the safety of a mobile or a person

19.   Look at the message and decide whether Distress, Urgency Or Safety procedure should be used. I have lost propeller, need a Tug Assistance? C. Urgency

20.   Put a suitable message Marker of the IMO SMCP in the blank space…. We have a Doctor onboard? D. Information

21.   Where are you…. For and where are you from? A. bound

22.   Please listen …… to the safety Instruction? D. Carefully

23.   The end of the communication is indicated by thr word?.. a. Out

24.   A Vessel is leaving the fireway. What does leaving word mean? b. Exiting

25.   What does Distress signal mean? a. A mobile Unit or Person Is Threated by grave and imminent danger and request immediate assistance.

26.   Put a suitable message Marker of the IMO SMCP in the blank space…. You are Running into danger, fog bank is a head of you….: d. Warning

27.   What does safety signal mean? c. the calling station has an inportan navigational or meteorological warning to transmit

28.   Do not overtake the vessel a head of you….. means?: b. Go Faster past a vessel in the same direction

29.   Whene yoyu acknowledge the Message, That means..: d. You have received and understood the MESSAGE

30.   Chose the option that does not belong to the group..: a. Train b. Bus c. Truck d Vessel

31.   Ketika anda mendengar bunyi alarm keadaan darurat, tetaplah tenang..: d. When you heard the emergency alarm, remain calm

32.   Perubahan – perubahan frequensi pada perangkat pemancar dan penerima dari setiap stasiun kapal harus dapat dilakukan secepat mungkin....: a. Change the frequency in the sending and receiving apparatus of any ship station shall be capable of being made as rapidly as possible

33.   Semua kapal di lengkapi dengan sistem deteksi kebakaran untuk memberikan suatu peringatan dini kebakaran di kapal.....: d. All ship are equipped with fire detection system to provid early warning of fire on board.

34.   Setiap orang di kapal harus memiliki informasi dan pengetahuan yang cukup tentang bagaimana menggunakan perlengkapan keselamatan  yang ada secara efektif Ketika di perlukan…: c. Every person on board a vessel must have sufficient information and knowledge to effectively use the safety available when needed.

35.   Air adalah media termudah dan termurah yang tersedia untuk memadamkan api di kapal….: b. Water is the easiest and cheapest medium available for extinguishing fire on a ship

36.   The transmision of the Distress alert indicates that a mobile unit or person is threatened by grave and imminent danger and requests immediate assistance…..: b. Transmisi peringatan marabahaya menunjukan bahwa suatu unit bergerak atau orang terancam oleh bahaya yang tiodak terhindarkan dan meminta bantuan dengan segera.

37.   Require medical advice for man fallen from the mast of ship, seriously injured with heavy lost of blood, please contact on VHF channel 16…: a. Membutuhkan nasihat medis untuk seorang laki – laki yang jatuh dari tiang kapal, luka serius dengan banyak mengeluarkan darah, harap hubungi VHF channel 16.

38.   Each administration shall take the necessary steps to prevent to the maximum extent possible, the fraudulent use certificates….: a. Setiap Administrasi harus mengambil Langkah – Langkah yang di perlukan untuk mencegah semaksimal mungkin kecurangan penggunaan sertifikat.

39.   Ship’s radio station  shall be provided with radio log book whuch is used to record all important radio communication related to Safety Of Life At Sea…: d. Stasiun radio kapal harus di lengkapi dengan buku catatan radio yang di gunakan untuk mencatat semua komunikasi radio yang penting terkait dengan keselamatan jiwa di laut.

40.   All ship station using narrow band direct printing telegraphy equipment shall be able to send and receive on the frequency designated for DISTRESS TRAFIC by narrow band Direct Printing Telegraphy in the frequency band in which they all operating…..: a. Seluruh stasiun – stasiun kapal yang menggunakan perangkat cetak langsung pita sempit harus mampu untuk mengirim dan menerima pada frequensi yang di tetapkan untuk traffic marabahaya oleh Telegrapy Cetak Langsung Pita sempit pada pita – pita frequensi.

41.   The fishing vessel marina suddenly start flooding ….: c. start taking in water.

42.   The unknown vessel in coming to ours…. : c. Overtaking.

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